"Brand yourself before others Brand you"

Branding aims to unique presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. A brand is a name, term, symbol, or other feature that differs an organization or product from its competitors in the eyes of the customer. Branding includes creating a specific name, logo, and an image of a particular product, service or company to attract customers. It is usually done through advertising through following a uniform theme.

Features of Branding:



No company can target all the population, Research has to be conducted to consider a specific category according to the age, gender and preferences. This makes the group narrow and gives the perfect segment of the society that makes it easier for the company to manage.



Brand awareness is the percentage of people who are aware of the brand. Well established companies have a higher level of brand awareness. There can be many ways to make the crowd know about your brand through television, print, radio media, etc. Companies use specific elements, colors, symbols in their logos to set themselves apart from another brands.



Brand loyalty is the highest achievement of any company. Customers who buy only the products of particular brand are brand loyal. People are often brand loyal towards the deo, clothing, soaps and other FMCGs. Brand loyalty can be built by creating a good contact with your customers and taking their feedback and reviews about how your company products benefit them.



It is important for any brand to maintain its consistency. Newly setup small businesses make great promises but often fail to fulfill them. Maintaining consistency in the quality is essential.


Anshu Bhagchandani

Anshu Bhagchandani ensures that the brand is everything through comprehensive approach and superior relationship management process. Branding needs to be positioned well and have different approaches to the branding done that makes the brand stand out from the rest of the competitors.