"Marketing is backbone of company’s success"

Marketing is a service where a product, service or an idea is promoted or introduced to potential customers. Even if you are the manufacturing best of products or giving best services, but if no one knows about it, there is no use of it. That is where marketing becomes a connecting link between your company and the customer.

Important Features of Marketing:


Spreading the Message

Goods are made to sell and services are given so that you get the best benefits of it. Final consumer is the last link of any marketing chain. For the information and knowledge about your product to reach to your potential consumer is where marketing helps. It introduces your product or services, it creates awareness about the price, type, flavor and other features of the product.


Increases sales

People who buy your products or take your services become your customers, awareness becomes reality. Your new customers may do the publicity about your product to their families, relatives and friends. Without employing for marketing strategies at the start, this sale might not have happened. For any company to succeed, sales are very important.


Reputation of the company

To build the trust in the market is very important. Marketing builds brand name recognition or product recall with a company. When company reaches high, its reputation becomes strong holds and as reputation grows, the business expands and sales increase. Constant communication, new offers and participation in activities makes your company popular. These cannot be possible without marketing.



You are not the only one selling a particular product, service or the idea. Market is filled with competition. You often have to check with what are your competitor’s strategy and what is something new that you will do to make your brand sound better to the customer. Marketing helps you with various strategies that will make you unique.



One of the most important aspect for the company to succeed is marketing. It can be expensive too. At first year, company might have to spend half of its sales behind marketing. As awareness increases, sales increase. You should look for a marketing plan that gets healthy mix of promotions through social media, print media, television media or whichever reaches your final consumer.


Anshu Bhagchandani

Anshu Bhagchandani helps in assisting you to develop an eye catching and easy interface to explore on different projects by keeping in mind the various deadlines. Anshu is innovative, creative and extremely dynamic when it comes to market and also strives to sparkle existing businesses that create a long-lasting effect in the future.