"People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic"

Media planning is process of identifying and selecting media, mainly- newspaper, magazines, television, website, etc. to place paid advertisements. Media planner evaluates media, strategizes campaigns that will be appropriate to advertise the product or brand and develops a media plan according to client’s advertising budget. The whole purpose of advertising is to make potential customers aware of a company’s products or services and to persuade them to buy them.

The main goal while creating a media plan is to reach out to the people those who are most likely to buy the product of a company. Advertising helps in informing people for making them aware of your product.

While developing a media plan two most important factors are ‘Reach and frequency’. Reach is number of people an advertisement reaches at a particular time. Frequency is the number of times your advertisement is repeated to for your target group to see and remember it and obviously, more the frequency less is cost of media is also a factor to be considered.


Anshu Bhagchandani

Anshu Bhagchandani always has the best media plan & strong media relations in achieving the maximum media exposure through effective & competitive planning by utilizing the appropriate media channels efficiently. Anshu has mastered in the art of creating the most suitable strategy for meeting the client’s space & requirements.