Mobile App

"If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not complete"

In todays world if you think mobile apps are only for big brands, you are not fully correct. These days in fact you can notice small business around you have their own mobile app.

As a business having a mobile app will be like cherry on top of ice cream-



Most of the time people now a days spend their time over mobile phones, by having a mobile app, you can be visible to customer all the time.


Get Closer

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app is that you can directly announce about the sales and promotions to them directly. Through ‘push notification’ you get even closer to direct interaction.


Cost Saving

By giving them promo codes and coupon codes through mobile app You can make it cost saving for you and hassle-free moment for your customer.


Top in Competition

Since mobile apps aren’t so common amongst small business, you can stand out in the competition by getting one for you.


Stay at Their Fingertips

5. Newspaper ads, radio ads, flyers, pamphlets, social media ads, emailers and all other medium of advertising your customer sees whole day long, by having a mobile app for your business, you can stay closer to your customer, just at their fingertips.


Anshu Bhagchandani

Like a spark to a flame, Team Anshu Bhagchandani ignites ideas and set fire to industries using the world’s leading technology platform – mobile. Team Anshu builds intuitive mobile and web apps powered by robust backend infrastructure. Team Anshu transforms innovative ideas into successful apps Android & iOS.