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The Beginning

Born and brought up in Dubai, Anshu is native to Dubai. She understands UAE as well as any other local of UAE. Furthermore, through her career she has developed a very good understanding and knowledge of the Middle East and North African (MENA) market. Right from her childhood Anshu has fostered and developed relationships that have stood the test of time, and this quality has been one of her core strengths in her career of more than eight years. Over the past eight years, Anshu has leveraged these skills to work efficiently and amicably with her colleagues, her business associates and her superiors. As a result of which, she has built an enviable network of people who trust her, applaud her and will go the extra mile just for her.
Apart from ‘People’ management skills, Anshu has Honoreds her skills in marketing, sales, public relations and branding. This has given her a burning passion to succeed at what she does, and get it right the 1st time – Every Time! Working with Allianz International Holdings Ltd. for over a year, Anshu Bhagchandani is the driving force behind the marketing and sales management of the internationally renowned Darlie Global’s personal and oral care brands, Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie. Having recognized the demand & growth potential for Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie products in the MENA market, Allianz International Holdings Ltd. has set up a manufacturing facility in UAE.

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At Allianz International Holdings, using her ‘People’ skills Anshu effortlessly manages more than fifty points of interface with various persons through one-on-one connects, to ensure the end objective – that the Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie products move in large volumes, swiftly and profitably across every conceivable retail counter in the MENA region. Anshu believes in a very hands-on and down to earth approach. She likes to get down to the brass-tacks with her colleagues to understand the ground realities, so that she can better address the issues and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to counter the same. In this process, she consciously carries with her and nurtures those people who will be critical to the success of the task or project at hand. Because for Anshu – Failure is not an option!

To add to the above, whether it is a simple Point-of-Sale (POS) issue, or a brand positioning issue, or a product presentation issue – take your pick – Anshu Bhagchandani is there to manage the same and resolve it in the most economical and productive manner. Because as we said before – for Anshu – Failure is not an option!

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Driven by a zeal

Nay burning passion and commitment to her products, her company, her people and to herself, Anshu believes in setting goals and objectives that stretch the beyond the possible, because she knows that only if you reach for the sky, will you get the stars. And this is the only way she has learned to succeed in her power-packed 8+ years of her career. At this juncture, Anshu Bhagchandani is poised to take the sales and marketing of the Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie range of products to new heights. Anshu is set to blaze a fiery track record that will not be easy to emulate. With her people management & marketing skills her drive, and her passion; Anshu Bhagchandani is a force to reckon with in the market – Now and for the foreseeable future!