Public Relations

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some hire public relation officers"

Developing an effective communication link between company and their customers is an important element for success of the company. Public relation program means to communicate with your target group and not necessary that every time it has to be complicated and expensive. Sometimes you can choose from simple activities that can be cost effective too.

Common features of Public Relation campaigns include:


Target Group

Knowing your target group is the first and most important aspect of any public relation campaign, because until and unless you know your target group’ choices and preferences, you won’t be able to come up with communication strategies that they will understand best.


Key Messages

Key Messages with short phrases can make your target audience know most about the company and remember it for longer period of time.


Media Releases

It can help you get along with your target group. Quantity doesn’t matter, but quality stories do. You can talk about launch of new product, new trend setup by the company, opening of new outlets. This creates awareness and makes your target group be in touch with your company.



Targeted sponsorships can be another important means for building brand awareness in key market.



Advertising can be the most expensive tool, but also the most effective tool because it creates large group at a time especially through print media, social media and television.


Anshu Bhagchandani

Anshu Bhagchandani helps brands and companies to stand for something to navigate and engage through various media traditionally and socially. Anshu marketing generates creative ideas, ROI generated creative campaigns and utilize the strong media relation that could amplify brands and drive immediate results within short period of time.