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5th ‘P’ of Marketing – People!


  • Brand – Create, Conceptualize, Build, Position & Promote
  • ATL & BTL - Marketing – Understand, Budget-it, Strategize & Execute
  • Digital Marketing – Create, Conceptualize, Strategize & Execute
  • Sales & Business Development – Understand, Strategize & Execute
  • Operations Management – Client Servicing & Vendor Management
  • HR - Team Building, Training & Motivational Workshops

Brand Marketing, PR & Media

5th ‘P’ of Marketing – People! by Anshu Bhagchandani

Anshu Bhagchandani’ & The 5th ‘P’ of Marketing – People!

They say marketing is about finding ways to present your product or service offerings, to ensure a steady growth of the sales of that product or service offerings. One can argue that this is quite true, and that most people would agree with it.
In fact, Anshu Bhagchandani learned quite the same thing as an MBA student, at the Emirates Aviation University, Dubai. After passing their MBA course, most students will always remember the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Promotions & Place (aka Distribution).
But the 4 P’s were not enough for Anshu; she decided that there is one “P” that drives the rest of the 4 P’s – i.e., ‘People’. Very early on in her career, she intuitively knew that to succeed in this mad world of marketing and sales, ‘People’ management and networking was the frontier, she had to address. And she soon happily realized that this was something that came very naturally to her.